Typografx is a full service, professional creative design studio. Typografx is dedicated to being the provider of all your multimedia needs. Combining strong backgrounds in fine art, graphic design, music and writing, our goal is to share our passion for all things creative with those in need of unique, intelligent and innovative multimedia design. Typografx focuses on promoting our client's ideas, realizing their visions, and helping them achieve recognition and awareness in their given market. By generating an image that not only identifies a client’s business, but also embodies its focus, mind and spirit, we’ll help you separate yourself from the pack because you’re going to look so good...

“Our relationships with our clients concentrate on the desire to inspire each other: we truly love what we do”
Tony Camarata : PRESIDENT / CEO

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March 2012
We have opened a new office in Dana Point, California!! More to come...

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